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Open-air concerts have been a mainstay for many years, as they are in many other parts of the United States. Community - Sponsored organizations perform Broadway shows on stage or in local parks and pavilions.

In addition, summer music and park concerts offer the community a variety of music, arts and crafts, as well as food and entertainment. Taste of the Arts, which takes place in May, offers great food, fun for all ages. It is also popular in spring for its free open-air concerts, art performances and other events.

Amateur artists are responsible for the majority of the handiwork - painted Limoges porcelain, which can be found on the American market today. Over half of all hands are held by a large number of hobby artists - the painted Limoges.

Most professional decoration studios in the Chicago area are professional artists, such as the Performing Arts Center in Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago, to name a few. They identify with the empty porcelain that they decorate and that is imported from Europe into the United States. These blanks are decorated with overglaze marks that adorn the bottom of each piece of porcelain. Some are called "performing art" - the most popular way of Limoges decoration in America today.

In 2005 he received the CMAcclaim Prize, which is awarded to an organization whose music has profoundly influenced the community of people.

The Dayton Art Institute ranks third out of four in this measurement, and the Dayton region 33rd in the nation. Moreover, art is usually found in much larger metropolitan areas, but Dayton has more than twice as much art per capita as any other metro area in Ohio.

In Chicago alone, there were 49 known decorated studios in 1912, and by 1916, that number had risen to 102, according to the Chicago Tribune.

There were more than 25,000 artists who enjoyed the pastime of porcelain painting, and many of them visited Europe to learn about the art of porcelain painting. This was because these artists not only loved to paint with passion, but were also extremely skilled and talented.

Every year Piqua has fun - activities and events ranging from street parties with dancing to an art walk. This three-day event at Johnston Farm features live music, art, food and entertainment, as well as a variety of activities for children and adults. Every year in July we entertain our visitors with lively canals and historical history, live entertainment and food and of course an arts and crafts festival.

The 220-acre site is home to a restored portion of John Johnston Farm, one of Ohio's oldest farms. The restored buildings feature the oldest log cabins in Ohio and include a woodshed, barn house, old farmhouse and a farmhouse with a large barn.

To plan your trip to the Miami County Visitors Bureau or the surrounding area, call or visit them to learn more about what you will see in the region, the county's history and history as a tourist destination, or for more information.

Jo Ann Asher is a retired teacher who has taught in Cleveland, Springfield and Piqua for 30 years. She began in the legal field and worked for attorney Richard A. Goater, who became a parole judge and worked in the field for 52 years. Memorial donations can be made to the Pucca Ambulance Fund or the Miami County Historical Society.

He was chairman of the program for several years and also president of JUMP Inc., a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit in Piqua. He was a board member of both the Miami County Historical Society and the Pucca Ambulance Fund, and served on the board of directors for both. Fairborn and Pucca, he is the founder and chairman of a number of community organizations, including the Greater Miami Valley Chamber of Commerce, and he is also a volunteer on the board of trustees of the Pucahontas County Public Library and an active participant in the city's Parks and Recreation Department.

Peggy has served on numerous committees, including the Pucahontas County Chamber of Commerce, the Miami Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Pucca Ambulance Fund. Previous board positions include Piqua United Methodist Church, Pueblo United Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a member of the Miami County Historical Society and an active participant in the city's Department of Parks and Recreation. She is currently on the board of trustees of Fairborn Arts Center and Puccahoona Community College.

Jim has also served on several boards associated with his industry, including the Board of Governors of the Pucahontas County Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Piqua Business Association, and the Board of Directors of the Miami County Iron Works and Allied Industries. He is also a member of the Piquarea United Fund Board as a board member and an active participant in the city Department of Parks and Recreation.

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