Piqua Ohio Nightlife

At the end of the day, in Miami County, OH, there are places where you can drink, laugh and laugh. Whether you're enjoying a versatile drink with friends, arranging a date for a romantic cocktail or just dancing the night away, Miami County has something for you.

The entertainment options are varied and if you like to spend a night in the city, you have many opportunities to explore the surroundings such as Piqua and the surrounding towns. Each club has a different theme and is therefore the perfect place to celebrate.

Bring your friends who like to eat good food, enjoy a brew and watch the game, and you will definitely have a great night in the end zone. A good beer, good music, good food and a good game will make your weekend great.

Bunkers Sports Bar & Grill will be located on the second floor of the Piqua City Hall building on the corner of Main Street and Harrison Avenue. From 7 p.m., Harrison will offer beer, fish and chips and coleslaw for $5 per person, plus a beer for $3.50 and a coleslaw for $4.

Save on Happy Hour Specials this weekend from 3 to 6 p.m., which add half of the starter and beverage selection plus the added beverage. Enjoy a Happy Hour Special that includes $1 on appetizers, $2 on beverages and $3 on beer, wine and spirits. From 4 to 7: 30 p.m., enjoy a half-price appetizer and drink special that includes a $0.25 discount on all beverages and a complimentary glass of wine or beer for $5.

While you drink, enjoy a selection of hard ciders and beers, including breweries from MadTree Brewing Company, as well as wine and spirits. With a variety of local and national craft beers from local craft breweries, beer lovers will love this unique offering - the monthly tasting.

The 311 Draft House lives up to its name, offering a selection of curated beers from local and national craft breweries, as well as a variety of craft cocktails. The 311 barrel beer house offers a wide range of beers and wines, from craft to craft style, and offers a unique blend of local, national and international craft beers. The usual categories include beer, wine, spirits, food and entertainment - oriented venues that must be classified and evaluated separately.

The way restaurants are categorised and classified uses a percentage of alcohol sales as the first criterion, followed by other operational characteristics. A place to eat and drink, such as a restaurant, bar or bar, has a significant insurance requirement in three separate areas.

We will also highlight some of the most important forms that insurance business owners must take with them when they operate in Ohio. Work with your sales representative to learn more about insurance requirements for your Ohio restaurant or bar. Also find an insurance agent or broker in Ohio and learn more about compensation for commercial automakers, including business and insurance costs. Find out about the different types of insurance coverage for businesses and businesses in Ohio near you.

In addition to protecting your customers and employees, it is also important to protect your company assets and property. If your club is very small, you may need insurance coverage for an Ohio nightclub to stave off liability lawsuits that often follow financial difficulties. If the business is forced to close, Ohio Club Insurance can provide revenue until the business is back in operation.

If you want to have a drink after dinner, you should definitely stop by Caroline's beer tasting. If you fancy music, visit Leaf & Vine for great live music and great food.

If you love being surrounded by people, put on your dancing shoes and go to the balcony area where they have a stage with live music. On Saturday nights, the clubs are usually crowded, but you can secure a seat at the bar or a quiet table for an intimate, romantic evening.

If you are considering Ohio as the headquarters for your new location, you should take the time to explore the area before opening a store. If you are looking for a house for sale in Mason, Ohio, a number of residential homes are currently being auctioned off.

Below, we'll take a look at some of the Buckeye State's economic trends, including key industries that are thriving in the area. The unemployment rate is 4.3%, the highest in more than 18 years; the last time Ohio's unemployment rate was lower was July 2001, when it was 4 - and - a - 2%. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it has not been below 4-3% in the last 12 months.

In Coldwater, Ohio, 16 to 20 men were taken to a wedding suite and then prevented from taking him to the oh-oh-so-Residence Inn in Troy. The suit was selected and the Ohio soda rental package included a glass of ice cream provided for the bride and groom to toast their new life together. I picked up my daughter and her husband at Buckeye Barn in Piqua and then picked them up at a local grocery store for their wedding dress.

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More About Piqua