Piqua Ohio Restaurants

The Chateau Club on the outskirts of Dayton is half price, and the Outback Steakhouse is one of the most popular restaurants in Ohio, if not the country. Both houses are part of a larger restaurant chain with more than 1,000 locations in Ohio and Texas.

As for Fairlawn Steak House, it is located at the corner of W. Main Street and Main Ave., and the phone number is 937 - 335 - 8608. The Dunaway Beef and Ale, 508 W. Main St., and the phone numbers are 9 37 - 322 - 6700. Applebee's Neighborhood Grill is located at the intersection of West Main Street and W-1st Street in Piqua. It is located in the same building as the Applebees, but with a slightly different name and location, at 1800 W - 1st.

This steak house is located far from the city center on the corner of W. Main Street and W-1st Street in Piqua. Located close to the city limits, it is a popular place for lunch and dinner and a great place for a dinner party. Place far outside the city centre is this popular place with a good selection of food and a nice atmosphere.

Kent Wood Fire Steaks on the outskirts of town is another steakhouse worth a visit. Located on the corner of W. Main Street and W-1st Street in Piqua, Great Steake and Potato Co. is a really good steakhouse with a good selection of food and a nice atmosphere. Dunaway's Beef and Ale is not only a tavern, but also a great place for lunch and dinner and even a dinner party. As for Longhorn Steakhouse, it is located near the intersection of West Main and West-2nd Streets, just a few blocks from downtown.

This photo shows the front of the spot, which is decorated with a Christmas tree, Rudolph the Red - Nosed Reindeer and a few other decorations. This photo shows the place itself, which is decorated for the night, with Christmas trees, red and white light and some decorations on the roof.

This photo seems to show how the groundbreaking ceremony for a new extension is being held in front of the spot before the opening ceremony. This photo was also taken at the same time as the opening of the new restaurant, albeit from a different angle.

This photo is called "2nd Christmas 1960" and is a copy, not the original, and it is stamped with a date of December 12, 1960 by photographer Clarence Brush. This is another photo taken in May 1969, which is dated to 1930, but probably more likely to be in the mid-1930s. There are four photos, all dated July 15, 1969, and all copies of the same photo.

The third segment is from the 1999 Daily Call, which is about the Medicine Shoppe being moved to the southeast corner of College and High Street to make way for the construction of a CVS pharmacy. Spot Lunch Stand is located on College Street between High Street and College Avenue in Piqua, Ohio. The sign on the door says "Cook's Spot," and next to it a man and a female employee, possibly in an open car.

This photo may have been taken in the early 1990s, after Robert Hepler bought the Sydney spot franchise from Robert Hepler. The Spot Restaurant Collection includes a number of locations in Piqua, Ohio, as well as other cities and towns.

Ownership of this material has been transferred to the Piqua Public Library and there are no known restrictions on the use of the material. The two photos in this folder are the original 5 - 7 photographs that are not part of our collection.

The price of a hamburger in Piqua and Sydney was 25 cents and the menu was $1.50 for a burger, $2.00 for two hamburgers and $3.30 for three burgers. This booklet contains a list of all restaurants in the city of Sydney as well as the names and addresses of each restaurant.

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