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Shopping in Miami County is a Christmas - just an event, but don't be afraid to bring your family, friends, family members, or even one or two friends. If you plan to shop in or around Piqua in the next few days or weeks, call the Miami County Visitors Bureau and see what you can see if you plan to.

I'd love to get some great items for Christmas as Sydney has hinted, but I can't stop running! If you have runners, hikers or family, drop by and check out some of the lovely Christmas gifts you can find!

They make tons and tons of shirts, with some really clean items to wear in the store, like T-shirts for men and women. For Piqua rent - to - own electronics needs, visit the Rent - A - Center in Piquea. Just steps from Pachamama Market, one of the city's most popular shopping malls and a great place to shop electronics.

If you need a sweet treat before your next meal, be sure to check out the treats at Dobo's Delights Bake Shoppe. The popular Taste of the Arts is also famous, offering great food and fun for all ages in spring. Every year Piqua has fun - activities and events ranging from street parties with dancing, to art walks, concerts and much more. This would be perfect for any coffee lover on your list, and it is also a great place to buy coffee and tea.

You don't want to miss Carolina Moon, which is located at 112 E. Main Street and is open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The 220-acre site is home to a restored portion of Johnston Farm, Ohio's oldest farm. Visitors can see it in all its historical features, including the original farmhouse, barn and barn yard.

JCPenney is uncomfortably spacious, the display stands, coat racks and tables that once filled the store and drew customers have been emptied and pushed into corners, fixtures and sales stickers. Most have flyers limiting COVID's capacity to 19, and circular rooms that used to have bath towels, cutlery and pots on the shelves now lie empty, with dwindling supplies and a single table placed near the entrance.

Shopping malls may be obsolete, but the impact of their loss will still be felt, and the Miami Valley Centre Mall is no different. It is sad to see staff at the tills and checkout clamoring for support as the queues lengthen, knowing that they will all be out of work in a few weeks in the midst of a pandemic.

The latest victim of the closure is the only store left standing in the empty concrete space where Elder Beerman, Sears, FYE and GNC once stood. The doors are open, but the once vibrant town in the centre is suffocated by empty shop windows and empty car parks with no sign of life in sight.

Since Elder Beerman has also left, local consumers who need some nice clothes no longer have local retailers to shop from and no one to go to. Piqua's customers now rely on JCPenney, which has a reputation for having a wide variety that smaller stores lack. With the closure of J CPenny, the shopping centre has lost a small business that relies on the suspension of this traffic.

If you need a break after shopping at these unique retailers, many will find themselves in one of the many family-owned restaurants and cafés in the shopping centre. Going to El Piqua for dinner with friends or a short trip to the local grocery store couldn't be better.

Charlotte's bed and breakfast is absolutely stunning and makes you feel like you're in a Hallmark Christmas movie. The hotel, built in 1890, has hosted many famous guests, including John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and many others. Piqua entertains visitors with a canal - a history that lives on in the form of the historic Hotel Charlotte and the Charlotte Natural History Museum.

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More About Piqua