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A group of young men will come to Alexander Stadium to underscore their claim to be the next great Piqua football team. Here's a look at what we're considering to continue this series, and a quick look back at some of the most memorable moments in the history of Ohio State football.

The Indian program will include Finkes, Saine, Quinn and Pitcock among its alumni, with all three continuing their matchdays in Ohio State. Beating Troy will be at the forefront of their minds, and their game will be transferred to Division I college football.

His combination of size and speed took him to OSU, where he played for a team that won consecutive Big Ten titles in 2007-09. He played at Ball State and Weber State and was an honorable mention choice in the 2012 College Football Playoff national championship game. At Michigan, he had the best football game in Ohio State as a consensus All-American and captain.

The first team - Team All - continued Ohioan's college career at the University of Dayton, where he had even more success. After graduating from Miami, he spent one season with the Miami Hurricanes, a Division I - A school in Florida, and two seasons at Miami University, where he played for the Dolphins "defensive and offensive line.

After being acquired by the Colts in the third round of the 2007 NFL Draft, he played well in his rookie season, making an impression that he was destined to be a starter for Indianapolis next season. The Bears were equally impressed, picking him with the 11th overall pick in this year's NFL Draft. He was signed as an unrestricted free agent from Ohio in 2009. Packers after playing for the team's practice squad in the previous two seasons.

In May, a local baseball club was in the process of giving the National League's Miami Dade County Reds a new home. The Reds met with them at the newly built South Miami Ballpark, and the facility includes an indoor / outdoor batting cage, batting cages and a batting practice field. It also houses the team's training facility as well as a training ground and practice grounds for players and coaches.

In addition, Tecumseh Woods offers the Miami Dade County Reds a $1,000 membership fee per person at their private place.

The fast-paced game helps children develop the hand-eye coordination required for success in most sports. In the off-season, children can use judo as a cross-training and practice other sports such as football, basketball, football, baseball and soccer.

His interests include the history and support of amateur baseball and nature, and he regularly turns to Division I. His interest in the sport has proven successful during his time as an assistant coach at the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State. He was dean of the GWOC coaches and was instrumental in making him the most successful head coach in school history. During that time, he has helped to develop a program that produces the best football talent. Since taking office in 1992, I have recruited at a high level and in various ways.

He was named Ohio's Mr. Football and finished his breakout season with 226 yards rushing and three TDs while winning the D-II State Championship and completing a 13-2 season. His 2000 team lost to Olmstead Falls in the Ohio State Division II State Championship game in Columbus, Ohio.

His only state championship came in 2006, when a Piqua led by Brandon Saine capped a 13-2 year with a victory over Pickerington Central. The 6ft 3in center is still the school's all-time leading scorer and led Perry to his first - ever - D-II State Championship in 2006. Troy defeated Piquea in the regular season, but there would be no rematch during the playoffs. Latham, who received a letter from Sydney, was released on Friday, which will be a big crowd to see him play in his final game for Perry.

I remember people coming into the stadium three hours before the game and waiting for them to get in. Growing up in Stark County, he initially had a real appreciation for athletics, he thought, but now he's a big fan of the sport.

I remember when I was coaching the A-team, I was looking for an opponent for Z. When Bill Kennon was replaced by former Piquacoach and current Ohio State basketball coach Mike D'Antoni, Zeller asked him if he could come to basketball and told him he was a pretty good shooter.

It would have been the last time he ran on the track, but after a quick qualifying time of 20.74 in his bid to win the sprints, he dropped to seventh place over 200m. He was swept on the state track this season, winning his first - ever - national titles in the 100 and 200 meters.

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