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There's a good reason why Piqua, Ohio, is known for being as comfortable as a worn-out pyjama, as it was once known as the underwear capital of the world.

There are also several restaurants in downtown Piqua. When you're done, you should think about a meal or snack, as it's a great destination to hang out with other cyclists, wait for bikes, meet friends and get tips on how to ride. Two hours are allowed per tour, but during the holiday season you can walk through this beautiful park at any time after dark. There is no entrance fee and it is located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from downtown. For more information about the surrounding community and its attractions, visit the Miami County Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Check out the rotating map below, an animated map that illustrates the changes in the county line in Ohio, and visit this newspaper to get the latest information on the county and level changes in Piqua County.

Hiking tours highlighted in the Register can be viewed or called at the Miami County Visitors Bureau for more information on planning a trip to Piqua or the surrounding area, or to plan a visit to one of the many attractions and attractions in and around the city.

Tip City offers many amenities for trail users, including the best way to find the signage you hope to see on the trail. The visitor centre includes a themed play area for children and a playground for children and adults. Walk along the paths, discover nature, run out of energy, and if you can't do it, go there a lot.

The Piqua Historical Area State Memorial is one of the largest historical sites in Ohio State and the second largest in Ohio. The 220-acre site is a restored part of a former U.S. military base and a memorial to World War II soldiers.

On the west side of the city, you can join the Wolf Creek Trail, which leads northwest from Trotwood, Brookville and Verona. The town is located on the northeast side of the Great Miami River and can be reached via the Piqua River Trail and the Old Miami Valley Trail. The access point is located at the lock and dam, north of Pucatawba Road and south of Interstate 75.

On this Ohio history page, you will explore the history of Pique, the city, its people and its history. You'll forget that the museum is full of Ohio's history, but it also houses some of the state's most interesting historical artifacts.

History of the county, which contains information about the history of Pique, Piqua and its people and history. History of Ohio, "published by W.H. Beers, is available free of charge on the Genealogy Hound website.

Here in a truly unique and beautiful setting, the annual History Month of the Piqua County Historical Society is presented.

If you are planning to make this area your permanent home, it is nice to know that there are amenities and things you can do while walking. On the Buckeye Trail you feel at home and forget the ice cream in this place.

With a wealth of walking opportunities, Dayton is a bike-friendly community located at the center of the nation's largest network of cycle paths. There are hiking trails throughout the Greater Dayton region, from the Buckeye Trail to the Ohio River Trail and even a few miles of hiking trails in Piqua.

The trail crosses the Dayton RiverScape MetroPark to reach the Mad River Trail. As hikers head north, they will discover historic sites in the state, including an educational center, and the opportunity to take a canal boat on a preserved stretch of the Miami-Erie Canal.

Charleston Falls is beautiful all year round, but seriously, winter is great too, and I enjoy walking around there. The hike to Charleston Falls Preserve is accompanied by the beautiful cascading Charleston When it does not rain, waterfalls fall (which it does not), but you can also go there if it does not rain.

The Great Miami River Trail leads through small towns, including Miamisburg, which has many hiking trails - friendly places to visit, with helpful signs explaining how to get around. Downtown Piqua has something for everyone, with a variety of locally owned restaurants, shops and shops. A stroll down North Main Street and a visit to local shops make a charming small town a transit point for visitors. Almost the entire Buckeye Trail in the Troy region runs along the beautiful GreatMiami River and is a great place to visit.

Using quality of life scores that take into account factors such as income, education, employment, health, housing, transport and other factors, you can compare and easily compare the best places to live in Piqua and also determine whether there are nearby cities that better suit your lifestyle.

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More About Piqua